Workshops Rama Nicholas

Rama Nicholas teaches the following workshops.

Workshops can be booked as part of festival packs and individual workshops can be booked though this link.


Intensive on March 31, April 1-2, afternoons.

Explore your dark side in this workshop about playing authentic Villains.

How do we get good at being really bad. For most of us it feels very unnatural. But, every great hero needs a great villain to overcome. Villains can be integral to a story. This workshop explores how to bring out our inner villain and not in a ‘pantomime’ way! I mean dark, dangerous and unpredictable. Exploring offers and characters we would never have dreamed of before. It also explores why we might be afraid of playing the bad guy on stage. Because of the nature of the work this workshop requires absolute commitment, trust and openness from all participants.

This is an intensive workshop over 3 afternoons, participants need to take every session.

Close to You

Intensive, April 3-5, afternoons.

Romantic relationships, love, sex and intimacy are universal themes. We see them in film, theatre and music all the time. In improv, however, it seems to be different. We rarely see truly romantic love scenes and we almost never hear honest conversations about sex. The idea of entering such personal territory easily freaks us out. It’s vulnerability at its purest… And yet, opening up to these themes can make our scene work much richer. How do we electrify the audience with our sexual energy without being explicit? How do we touch their hearts as Shakespeare did in Romeo and Juliet?

In this workshop, Rama Nicholas creates a relaxed and safe environment where you can get to the bottom of these questions, explore your fears around intimacy on stage, build trust and break down barriers. Performing love scenes is a skill like any other and it can be learned. It just takes trust, bravery, honesty, and a willingness to take risks you might have never taken before.

This is an intensive workshop over 3 afternoons, participants need to take every session.