Workshops Nathalie Van Renterghem

Nathalie Van Renterghem offers the following workshop.

Workshops can be booked as part of festival packs and individual workshops can be booked though this link.

Leading Hot Conversations

Bringing down the waterline in your group with ‘deep democracy’ principles and tools

Saturday April 4, afternoon

Improvisation theatre groups all have examples of (potential) hot topics amongst their members:

  • which delegation should go to a festival?
    the approach of delicate themes in shows
  • appropriate happenings during shows
  • agreements on boundaries
  • culture of training
  • artistic views
  • involvements in online discussions
Paradoxically the cocreative culture that often carries an improvisation group might stand in the way of the ability to deepen conversations. The yes and culture can sometimes lead to a forced harmony. As a consequence tensions can simmer under the waterline or in the worst case explode in our faces.
In this workshop Nathalie will teach you some facilitation principles and tools from Deep Democracy. This a methodology for stronger conversations and decision making. A beautiful thing is that this method embraces things we know from (improvisation) theatre:
  • amplification
  • bringing light in the depth
  • seeing opinions as roles not as someones identity
  • deeper listening
  • bringing attention to the minor voice
  • challenging the dominant voice
  • revealing new possibilities
What if we can bring our improvisational power at the core of our own being as a ensemble?  What if we discover the wisdom in the No? What if we all get more fluid in the roles we take or get in a group? We might come closer to our group story!
We’ll apply some conversation techniques on topics that are relevant for all participants to have a true experience.