Workshops Morgan Mansouri

Here are Morgan Mansouri’s workshop offerings.

Workshops can be booked as part of festival packs and individual workshops can be booked though this link.

The Physical Comedian

Friday April 3, morning

This workshop explores ways of using the human body as a tool for comedy and storytelling. In the search for comedy, it is easy to forget that body language is universal, and we can use our bodies to speak, instead of always relying on verbal language. This workshop will prove that it is not necessary to speak to be able to create stories, to transmit emotions, and connect with your audience. In this workshop you will learn a variety of tricks and techniques from the world of mime and clowning, and show how they can be used to create realistic objects and environments on stage

The Swarm

Saturday April 4, morning

Generally, we have always been warned not to be too numerous on stage. Yet the group effects, when they are mastered, are such a powerful tool on stage that it would be a shame to deprive ourselves of them. A forest has only one tree? A village has only two villagers? A spirit has only one thought? It is true that all this can be symbolized by different ways. But, being able to play with a whole group is possible, we have to be even more attentive and reactive. And accept more to be part of a group.