Workshops Marith Venderbosch

Here are Marith Venderbosch‘s workshops.

Workshops can be booked as part of festival packs and individual workshops can be booked though this link.

All About Music

Saturday April 4, afternoon

Can you imagine Titanic without Celine Dion? The Lion King without Elton John´s Candle in the wind? Or a Harry Potter film without the famous ‘düdüdüdüüüüüm’? No, I bet you can´t. Music/ songs are the heart of so many story’s told. So let’s improvise with them!

A workshop about the influence of music on a scène. During the workshop we will work towards a montage based performance. There will be a main focus on the music, with some attention paid towards editing methods.

Music can be an inspiration: It can bring or release tension, contradict or enhance, or even become a method for editing scenes. How can we use the full potential of music? How does it inspire, and what will it create with us? The work we’ll be doing will focus on these things.

Dutch Windows

Sunday April 5, afternoon

The Dutch are famous for it. No curtains, and if they are there, why close them? We leave our houses open for the world to see, it is our daily Dutch stage and we are pros in using it, every day, every minute. So using this wide open window for staging is an everyday challenge, we are really good at. One might say, we know a thing or two about staging.

Everyone who’s been in a play knows how much focus staging gets there. And yet once we’re improvising our play it seems to just slip our minds. Sometimes we get up on stage and only use this one part of it. The centre. Where we strawl around while talking. But you know, staging can give you’re scène an extra layer, in meaning, magic or just a great picture that helps remember the scène.

In this workshop we’ll be working on use of space. Specific staging and how to apply this in your improv.