Workshops – Sunday March 18 AM


AM workshops are 9:30 – 12:30.  Links for booking can be found on the “Get tickets” page.

Magical Realism – Felipe Ortiz (extra edition)

Due to the huge success, the workshop ‘stage fighting’ got replaced by an extra edition of ‘Magical Realism‘.

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Master Class on YOU – Patti Stiles

This class is designed for the experienced improviser and is focused on providing specific feedback on the individual from an experienced outside eye. We look at strenghts, patterns and habits. The aim is to bring a greater awareness of your work, provided challenges and open areas for growth.

Note: this is a 1-day workshop but it is offered twice, both on March 17-18

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Objects & Puppets – Dan Codreanu

Remember when we were children and every object transformed into a live person? We made stories from everything and every place suddenly became a live stage.  The workshop “Improv objects and puppets” aims to do what we did when we were children:

  • Animate body parts : hands, feet, elbows, knees can become puppets waiting to do improv
  • Choose your object and transform it in to a puppet
    puppet as an extension of the body: to do a character you have to first animate your body, and a puppet is no more than your own extension of the body.
  • Zoom in – Zoom out: every place is a playing ground in micro and macro space.

Every object can be a puppet and every puppet is a complex character. All that we have to do is bring them to life and just let them play.

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Shut the F*ck Up – Morgan Mansouri

« Dialogue should simply be a sound among other sounds, just something that comes out of the mouths of people whose eyes tel the story in visual terms.»

– Alfed Hitchcock.

Many shows have arrived at a stage where improvisers are only describing what they are doing without really playing it.They forget that their main and universal tool regardless of the language used is their body. And it’s time to sharpen this tool!
In this workshop, we will remember that it is not necessary to speak to be able to create stories, to transmit emotions.

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Truth in Song – Katy Schutte

Learn how to improvise songs in the moment based on your personal truths, opinions and stories. Practice organic ways of rhyming, creating melody and finding the structure of a song as you go along. In a supportive and relaxed environment we will help you create musical theatre inspired by the styles of Sondheim and Jason Robert Brown and weave rich tales and scenes through teamwork and group mind. Suitable for intermediate to advanced improvisers with zero to lots of experience in musical improv. Ability to sing is not a pre-requisite.

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