Workshops – Saturday March 17 PM


PM workshops are 14:00 – 17:00.  Links for booking can be found on the “Get tickets” page.

Music as a Partner – Daisy Varewyck & Ingmar Dasseville

In improvisational theatre, music is often treated as decoration. Filler in the background which is nice to hear, but frequently ignored by the players on stage. In this workshop, we will show you that music can be so much more. Using a hands-on approach, we will explore what kind of offers a musician can make to an improviser and vice versa. You can let the music speak for you, or oppose it on purpose. Our goal is that after this workshop, you let the music(ian) be a part of the stage as much as any other actor. So buckle up, and let the music take the wheel once in a while!
This workshop is interesting for both performers as well as musicians.

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Magical Realism – Felipe Ortiz

Magical Realism: it´s a genre where extraordinary, unreal and strange things appear as part of the daily life and it´s completely normal.

This workshop is a journey through the complex world of magical realism exploring basic elements such as : different ways of playing with time, fantastic or magic things as part of normal life, social and political relationships, and from who´s point of view are we watching the story.

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Status! – Romain Abasq

Have fun with a character’s strengths and weaknesses!

This workshop aims to find or rediscover the richness and complexity of human
relations on stage. Build step by step one’s character and put them to the test
through interactions with others. The opportunity to play one’s role in different
situations, being sincere in one’s stage performance and allow to explore the
different sides of one’s character.

An essential tool to address long forms impro! 

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Master Class on YOU – Patti Stiles

This class is designed for the experienced improviser and is focused on providing specific feedback on the individual from an experienced outside eye. We look at strenghts, patterns and habits. The aim is to bring a greater awareness of your work, provided challenges and open areas for growth.

Note: this is a 1 day workshop but it is offered twice, both on 17-18 March.

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Swiss Army Man – Morgan Mansouri

​Having a lot of skills to be a good improviser is interesting, but most of the time, you learn only skills about acting.

In this workshop, you’ll learn few basics about technique (lights, sound…) and other competences (dancing, singing, miming… ) to finally be the complete « best improviser in the world » for … you. And it’s not that bad !

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