Workshops – Thursday March 15 AM


AM workshops are 9:30 – 12:30.  Links for booking can be found on the “Get tickets” page.

Intensive – Physical & Clowning – Felipe Ortiz

In this intensive workshop, the participants will be trained to allow their body to surprise them, taking them to unexpected places and circumstances and finding pleasure and play. Through clown techniques and physical play, you will find a special way of connection with the audience, the discovery of creativity immersed in failure and the ability to live in the present moment: right here, right now.

Note: this is a 3-day workshop on March 15-16-17

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Intensive – Gender / Genre – Patti Stiles

Many of the genres we perform have characters that were created to reflect society of the time. Even of the author set the story in a different time, the actions or behaviours of the characters represented the social sensibility of the reader. These acceptable social rules were heavily categorised into male and female behaviour.

Today’s world is different. Our social dynamics and ‘rules’ of engagement encompass more freedom then rules of the past, yet our storytelling is still shackled to historical roles.

For example, it we continue to categorise behaviour by gender, in reflection of today’s world, are we not perpetuating a form of sexism? Do the actions need to be linked to the gender for the story to be told? Do the stories remain genre ‘true’ regardless of ‘gender’ casting? By questioning, challenging and exploring the purpose of the character in the story and removing the gender assumptions we break open new levels of impro play and possibilities.

The effects on the audience are really quite interesting.

Note: this is a 3-day workshop on March 15-16-17

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Intensive – Embrace your Character – Elke Janssen

As a continuation of my workshop “Just be” I now want to be your guide in loving your character. Explore what you can be on stage, discover details and characteristics from who you are in the story. Give your character a full body scan, both mentally and physically. I would love to share my “on-stage-philosophy” with you, as gift – not as a must. The only must are shoes!

Note: this is a 3-day workshop on March 15-16-17

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Zoo Improv – Andrei Bratu

The universe of animals is huge… so huge… It is scientifically proven that animals can have feelings and thoughts… Their lives are complex.

Imagine a soap opera with animals. Picture The Young and the Restless with dolphins, Roots with dogs, or Game of Thrones with monkeys, and why not, an animal improv show with or without words.

Enter the world of animals, meet with your inner animal and let it exist on stage. You will be surprised by a profound experience that will help you gain intensity in your human played characters also.

P.S.: During our workshop, no animal will be injured or hurt in any way.

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