Workshops Marc Breban

These are Marc Breban‘s workshops.

Workshops can be booked as part of festival packs and individual workshops can be booked though this link.


Tuesday March 31, afternoon

On stage we often play characters who are introverted, we look more at the floor than our fellow player, not to mention the audience …

In this workshop you learn to make real contact with the audience and you also get some simple clowning techniques that help you bring pure, simple, funny and fascinating stories on stage without much thought, less is more


Wednesday April 1, morning

Where the clown wants his audience to laugh, the Melodrama-actor wants to make the audience cry and feel with him (and reaches that goal with his honesty and vulnerability). Of course that’s a very simple description, because Melodrama contains much more. Aitor Basauri would always say: “Melodrama is very cheap material very well acted.”

This form of ideological theatre is nowadays old fashioned but the pleasure in playing and the exaggerations on which they built this style remains today a great lesson. As an actor, you want the audience to cry and if you fail, at least they ‘ll have a lot of fun…

Modest clothes for women and serious clothes for men: black or dark clothes, and white or cream or light colored shirts, blouses etc. would be nice if possible.

The Art of Theatre of the Oppressed in Improv

Sunday April 5, afternoon

Can we improvise Augusto Boals’ Theatre of the Oppressed? No, we can’t… and Yes, we can…

In this workshop Marc will explain some exercises of Boal who are useful for us, improv players. What are the differences between Forumtheatre and Improv but also explore the possibilities of Improvised Forumtheatre.

At the end of the workshop you’ll be able to see the opportunities of using improvisation in popular education movements and transform audiences into active participants in the theatrical experience.