Workshops Eva Van Eynde

These are Eva Van Eynde‘s workshops.

Workshops can be booked as part of festival packs and individual workshops can be booked though this link.

 Picture Book Improv

Tuesday March 31, morning

Story and emotion often get the central focus in our improv play. Depending on our story and the emotions it contains, we choose our posture, playing pace, and positions on stage. But what if we let ourselves be guided by images this time? Which stories then arise spontaneously? Just like in a picture book, story and image complement each other, offer contrast, run parallel on different tracks or work against each other. We’ll look for ways to play Picture Book Improv.

Circus! (with Andy Hernalsteen)

Thursday April 2, morning

Andy and Eva both work at Circolito, a circus school in Mechelen. They are convinced that circus and improvisation theater share a common ground. Let’s explore the parallels while doing. Commitment, learning how to fail, exploring your limit, working together and being playful is all it takes. Sounds familiar? We are going to get physical during this workshop. Make sure to wear comfortable clothes, socks and (sport)shoes with no heels.