Workshops Dan Seyfried

These are Dan Seyfried‘s workshops.

Workshops can be booked as part of festival packs and individual workshops can be booked though this link.

 Unplug Your Brain

Tuesday March 31, afternoon

Our brain is a formidable machine to create and imagine, but sometimes it’s our own trap, our only barrier. This workshop aims at unplugging our brains, to explore what our bodies have to suggest. We will train not to be heady or too rational, to allow your scenes to be silly, to accept and play the nonsense. Let your bodies surprise yourself and embrace their strong propositions, to just have fun, play like kids, discover new places, characters and relations, to follow the inspiration and your instinct.

Power of the Silent Line

Friday April 3, afternoon

“”bla bla bla, bla bla bla””. That’s what a scene too often looks like. As improvisers, we often fear the silence because we think that nothing is happening anymore. That’s not true ! Many times silence is the best line we can tell !

More than 70% of the communication goes trough our body and our behavior. Isn’t it a proof that words can be useless ? Our actions, our look, our emotions, tell so much. So why not put more silences during our scenes, to get deeper and stronger emotions…
Don’t panic, we’ll talk in this workshop ! But we’ll also learn to answer by silence. A living silence meaning much more than a verbal line…

Here & Now

Intensive, Friday April 4 and Saturday April 5

Why do we improvise? What do we really want to share with the audience? Stories of course… but not just any! Improvisers often tell stories about characters who are not here in a time which is not now… And forget the main point: the most powerful and important story is the one they are currently living on stage, with their partner. Who are they for each other ? How deep is their relationship? What are they dreaming of ?
In this workshop, inspired by Meisner technique, we’ll discover all of it with our feelings, our body and our instinct. Step by step we’ll find what’s really matter for the characters and why they are playing these scene. To be sincerely improvising here and now, with our partner.

This is a 2 day intensive; participants need to take both sessions.