Workshops Charlotte De Metsenaere

Here are workshops by Charlotte De Metsenaere.

Workshops can be booked as part of festival packs and individual workshops can be booked though this link.

 5 Ways to Start Solo

Thursday April 2, afternoon

What I often find with beginners is they depend very much on the group, on the other
person, when starting a scene. They still check for social acceptance, the “It’s OK,
go!” sign. This workshop offers 5 easy ways to start a new scene completely solo.
Being very clear and inspiring, they make it easy for others to join them on stage.
Here’s the difference with a solo workshop, because these 5 tools are merely a
stepping stone to show your idea in a clear and inspiring way, making it easy for
others to jump on stage with you.

Biopsy of the MC

Thursday April 2, morning

There are people entering the room. Their voices are a soft, excited babble. You
stand in the darkness. Unseen, unknown, anonymous. The buzz fades. The lights go
out. A spotlight cuts through the dark. A moment of tension. Heartbeat rising, you
step into the light. Here you are. The Master of Ceremonies, the MC, the glue that
holds improvisation and the outside world together. The one responsible for making
everyone feel comfortable. The one who prepares but never over-promises.
No pressure.

Most groups underestimate the importance of the MC. We focus on their script – what
should be said, not how and why it needs saying. This workshop performs a biopsy
on the MC, with topics ranging from body language to audience warm-ups, the role of
the MC in internationally known improv formats, and also a closer look on you as an
individual and how you come across. Ready to go under the microscope?

So Surreal

Friday April 3, afternoon

Get ready to explore a new dimension in your characters and storylines. Let’s take a
look at what comes to life when you peel off the first layer of characters one might
often go to. This workshop opens a path to big, crazy creatures full of life and to
storylines that thrive from your imagination. It’s all about opening that Pandora box,
about allowing your impulses, about being a supportive scenepartner, ready with
physical support, sound or colour. Let’s dive into the rabbit hole together!