Workshops Cedric Marschal

Here are Cedric Marschal‘s workshops.

Workshops can be booked as part of festival packs and individual workshops can be booked though this link.

Mime & Object Work

Tuesday March 31, morning

This workshop focuses on a side-skill : miming and object and space work.  Having a clear vision of your environment, the objects and furnitures that are around, the size and weight of the mimes you use, is an helpful friend to make your stories more true to you, your partners and the audience. It helps you react in a more consistent way, more rounded to the reality of your scene.

In this workshop we will train our bodies to play truly in our imaginary environments, to make them more visible to us and the audience. It finds its inspiration in Lecoq’s work, clown, commedia dell’arte.

Let’s take your mime in hand !

Raise the Stakes

Wednesday April 1, afternoon

A couple, cooking and talking in the kitchen, we’ve seen that start 15,000 times. But how can we go from that « common » beginning of a scene to unique and memorable, without the need to bring space monkeys and zombie T-rex ?
Let’s go back to the very basics of a story, of improv, of acting, the stake of a scene ! Step by step, we’ll take our scenes apart to the bone, to magnify what seemed banal, and make it touching and unique.

– Your Body Can Create 10000 Characters

Sunday, April 5, afternoon

Change your voice, play with your face, transform your attitude, your body is a formidable metamorphosing tool !

Through guided exercises based on Lecoq’s work, we will discover the power of every muscle and the thousand forms your body can take to personify characters you didn’t imagine playing. They are all at hand, let your body embodies them and let yourself incarnate playfully new ranges of characters.