Workshops – Thursday March 15 PM


PM workshops are 14:00 – 17:00.  Links for booking can be found on the “Get tickets” page.

Viewpoints: Bodies in Time & Space – Nathalie Van Renterghem

In this workshop we will explore how just moving as a group with our bodies in time and space, can lead to strong and clear improvised theatre. Inspired by the “viewpoint” method for dancers and actors, we develop our sensing and responding skills. We discover how this strongly can affect the sharpness and the truth in our work. Please note that although we’ll work on a physical level, this work is different from contact-improv and does not require any technical dance experience.

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Crisp & Clear – Thorsten Brand

How often do we remember the beginning of our scenes? How much do we honor the decisions we have made within the first minute after we have entered stage?
We often get distracted by “better ideas” and therefore make it harder to tell a story together. And – even more importantly – why not make strong decisions right from the start and inspire the audience and our fellow improvisers?

Thorsten Brand will help you to be crisp and clear with your first choices when you step on stage. After this workshop there will be no more „maybe“, but clarity and strong decisions right from the start.


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Jijigeanga – Dan Miron

Getting Jiggy with improvisational theater means getting your groove on, finding your rhythm in the scenes and juggling with the tempo. Jiggy is a state of mind you get when doing improv, but you can’t exactly pinpoint the reason and still the people around you start getting the same feeling.

Together, we will find the Jiggy inside of us, by focusing on our strengths as improvisers and exploiting them as much as possible. It is about creating characters, showing emotions, expressing ourselves through physicality/movement/pantomime and finding the right combination to use these skills.

The Janga is about the freedom we have as improvisers and about the moments when we follow the fear (we are led by fear?), when we challenge ourselves and find that all these things we are doing are liberating. It is also about knowing the rules of the game, but not letting them ruin the fun, while also taking care of our partners.

These two elements, combined, define my Yin and Yang philosophy (approach) towards improv theatre, and I call it Jiggy Janga!

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Time – Project 2

Techniques for using time in a nonlinear way in your improv. Learn tools for flashbacks, possible futures, older and younger versions of characters and how to keep your timeline consistent with itself. Time travel tools help with creative storytelling.

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Martha Stewart Improv (and how to remedy it) – Tom Tollenaere

Martha Stewart Improv” is scenes with ordinary, current-day characters in ordinary, current-day situations. But since we improvisers have the freedom to create any kind of reality we want, so why limit ourselves to the ordinary?

This workshop is a work-out on exposition: we will cover techniques to steer away from the ordinary current-day, to instantly create extraordinary realities or extraordinary characters. Or combinations of both.

Interestingly – and perhaps unexpectedly – this is not about creating wild fantasies or instant absurdity, but quite the opposite. We will learn that this kind of exposition leads automatically and logically to interesting stories.

The techniques you will learn in this workshop are fun to play with and can be used with any style of improv.

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