At Improovelicious 2020 we like to focus on…


That’s why we choose to:

  • work together with our favorite local restaurant Improvisio for catering. Meals will be veggie, ‘fish and meat’ are only provided on demand.
  • motivate our guests and performers to choose train over plane.
  • provide bikes for our international teachers and performers.
  • run a tight gadget policy: eco friendly, usable and long-lasting.
  • use recycled paper for posters and flyers.
  • borrow decorations instead of buying them.
  • provide reusable cups and water jugs.
  • make one big pot of coffee during the workshops instead of disposable individual cups.
  • compensate the CO2 that goes into this festival by planting trees (Treecological).


We don’t have open calls. Instead we invite groups.  We look for variety in style, strong performers who are also strong teachers and groups with original formats. This year’s groups all have a particular forte and differentiate themselves from others by their strengths and cultural differences. We want to work with the best without projecting an elitist attitude.


There will be

  • no profit. That’s why we can offer low prices.
  • easy access to the festival site and workshop premises.
  • a festival center for all your questions, band aids and hugs.
  • host families for our international guests.
  • use of different languages during workshops. The workshops will be provided in English, but participants and teachers will help out with a bit of French and Dutch on the side.

 Unity in Diversity

We would like our festival to be a place where you can enjoy and explore different styles of improv. We look for connection and common grounds without becoming some ‘plain uniformity’.

We rehearse our mixed formats with the international festival ensemble in closed sessions before the festival week. We strive for unity – in the actual performance, but also in the group dynamics – while at the same time respecting and exploiting individual differences.


  • between the improv society, both national and international
  • between generations of improv players (including our youth project Inspinazie XS)
  • between branches of arts such as dance, circus and music
  • between improv as an art form and applied improv

Improovelicious is hosted by ‘Inspinazie Improvisatietheaterhuis‘.