These 2 specials will take place during the afternoon of March 18.

14u – Improvisation will save humanity!

Can improv save mankind?
Martin Ophoven started improvisation about 15 years ago when his life was as grey as his computer screen while he worked as a consultant and he deeply felt that the end of the world was near for him … with a bit of exaggeration.

He shares his learnings, doubts and foolish ideas during a performance where unexpected is welcome.

Author of the book “L’improvisation va sauver l’humanité”, Martin Ophoven is co-founder of ‘Talkin’to Me?”, blogger, performer and researcher of applied improvisation.
www.martinophoven.pro   www.talkintome.org   www.lulu.com/martinophoven

‘Improvisation will save humanity’ requires an entrance ticket that can be purchased at the door.

15u – Festival Wrap-Up

The Festival Wrap-Up is open to everyone.
Together with the performers, instructors and crew we will wrap up the festival.

Our aim is to bring everyone together, to connect, to open up conversation and share impressions, thoughts & ideas.