Performers & Instructors

We have a great international lineup for this edition of Improovelicious. Meet them all here! Be sure to check out rest of the crew as well!

 Artistic Directors of our Mixed Show

The artistic directors for our mixed format shows are Hila Di Castro from Israel and Katy Schutte from the UK. They will work with our ensemble to serve you some world class improv!

Hila Di Castro

Hila is the co-artistic director of “Momentum”, based in Isreal.  She plays in several other groups and she is the co-founder of “20,000 words” – improv workshops and shows that advocate gender equality.

In her own words: “In acting school whenever someone said: let improvise! I used to run and find a place to hide, improvisation terrified me. After acting school I had an opportunity to do improv again and I fell in love. Today, for me, Improvisation is freedom, It is total flight. When I improvise, I am truly myself, with no ego and zero judgement.

I love all kinds of improv :shortform, longform, Narrative, freeform and all that is between and beyond. my main love and passion is to bring the world of theatre into improv and to make the audience feel a variety of feelings . In my eyes, as improvisers, we have a great gift – we create worlds – and as such we have the opportunity to inspire and make people think.

Check out Hila’s workshops!


Katy Schutte

Katy is co-artistic director of The Maydays and one of Project2. She also plays in Whose Mind Is It Anyway, Any Movie as a Rom Com, Knightmare Live and she guest in bunch of other great shows.

In her own words: “I love improvisation because it’s an art form where we can all be equal; a place of agreement where all ideas are good ideas and we have one another’s backs. I enjoy short and long form, narrative and montage, various formats and genres and musical styles. Every year I get more excited about another corner of improv. If we can put this level of mindfulness and care into our lives, we will be happier people and live in a better world.

Katy will be teaching workshops – check ’em out!


 Rocky Amaretto – Netherlands

Our neighbors from the Netherlands: meet Rocky Amaretto!

Marith Venderbosch

“At the age of 14 Marith discovered improvisation for the first time – and she’s never looked back. After developing a strong foundation in theatresports and street theatre, she moved on to train in acting, directing and teaching and is now a theatre teacher based in Utrecht, Netherlands.

Marith is also  a member of the all-female group The Ferocious Four.

Improv theatre is her first love, but she enjoys bad jokes, smiling a lot, and listening to far too many horror podcasts.

Here’s Marith’s workshops!


Sven Lanser

Sven is an impro player and teacher from The Netherlands and Artistic Director of IMPRO Amsterdam, one of the biggest improv festivals in Europe.

As a teacher he loves to get participants out of their heads, as a player he loves to be challenged by his scene partner. His motto: Feel the fear and do it anyway!

When he is not on a stage or classroom he is transforming teams and organizations by injecting improv into their DNA.

He loves to say ‘cheers’ in different languages. And he will be teaching workshops at the festival!


Roemer Lievaart

Originally  schooled as a scriptwriter en actor, Roemer has been playing improv since 1999 and teaches everywhere in Holland and outside of Holland.

In his own words: ​It is the combination of the subject areas I studied that fascinate me: creating stories, truthful acting en improvising. My favourite form of improv are full length improvised plays, where we show the beauty of the human imperfection.

Take a workshop with Roemer!.



Tom Manussen

For already more than 30 years Tom has had a passion for theatre-passionist.  He is actor various theatre companies, perfoms in musical theatre, makes own theatrical pieces and last, but certainly not least, he improvises with Rocky Amaratto.

In his own words: Rocky has the right mix for me: raw, absurd and out of comfort zone improvisation theatre. I hope we can show our Rocky flavor at Improovelicious

By the way: when I am not performing, I am managing a team of 18 people. Different kind of theatre with a lot of improv.


 Friends with Benefits – Australia / Germany

Rama Nicolas hails all the way from Down Under and Nele Kiessling is from Germany: Friends with Benefits!

Rama Nicholas

Rama Nicholas is an award winning actor, comedian, improviser, writer, director and improvisation teacher. She has been performing for over 25 years.

Rama travels the world performing, directing and teaching improvisation at festivals and with various international theatre companies. And tours throughout the year. Her 3 improvisation formats – ‘The wishing Tree’, ‘The Travellers’ and ‘Close to You’ have been showcased across the globe. Her workshop ‘Close to you’ is sought after as a masterclass in how to perform authentic electrified love scenes and intimate scenes on stage in a safe and consensual way. Rama is a member of the International theatre collective – The Orcas Island Project.
Rama is known for her critically acclaimed, multi character, scripted solo shows, which are a unique blend of character comedy and incredible storytelling. In 2014 she became the recipient of the Melbourne ‘Moosehead’ award for comedy. She has been nominated twice for the coveted ‘Golden Gibbo’ award for independent comedy at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in 2014 and 2017. In 2017 she won the ‘Brisbane PowerHouse Tour Award’ and was nominated at Melbourne Fringe Festival for ‘Best Comedy’ for her show ‘The Lucky Ones’.

Rama is a creative director at Meanwhile Productions, specialising in creating video content and TV commercials. Rama recently debuted as a film director alongside Adam McKenzie as Co-director, they proudly created, wrote, produced, directed and performed in ‘Can You Hear Me’, which made it as a finalist in Tropfest 2019. One of the world’s largest short film festivals.

Rama offers a couple of multi-day intensive workshops you should check out!


Nele Kiessling

“Nele Kießling is an actor and teacher for improvisational theatre. She fell in love with this art form when she was 16. During her studies of Cultural Sciences she founded the Ensemble Schmidt‘s Katzen, which she was part of for 15 years. As lecturer at the University of Applied Science and Art in Hildesheim and at the University Hildesheim she has taught improvisation, stage presence and self-presentation for many
years and built the department of improvisation at the Theater für Niedersachsen.

Nele has trained ensembles from all over Germany, developed show-concepts for ensembles and festivals. She has travelled to many festivals all over Germany and is always curious about new methods and pathways of improvisation.

Nele is a member of Kießling &Kaffka (Hannover & Hamburg), Die Stereotypen (Bielefeld) and she also performs with many different ensembles and in various constellations all over the country.

The principles of improvised theatre challenge her at most and make her happy at most.
More information:


 The Fraltons – France

From Strassbourg we have a bunch of French cowboys: The Fraltons! 

Morgan Mansouri

Morgan started the theatre at 9…and never left the stage!

After his artistic studies, he began working in various theatre companies as an actor, author, communications officer, technician, director… and continues to train in parallel with masks, acrobatics, dance, mime, singing, video, etc…In 2018, wishing to go beyond the classical borders (arts in general and improvisation in particular) and enjoy all his knowledge & achievements, he founded a new multidisciplinary artistic group in France called POULPE PRODUCTION and today presents original theatrical creations in various international spaces and festivals. Today, he continues to mix his two favourite areas of popular education and the arts so that he can continue to deliver clear messages on the themes that are essential for him, in the world, today: openness to the world, improving the quality of life, and fighting discrimination.

Morgan will be teaching some exciting workshops!


Cédric Marschal

Cédric has been playing and teaching improv in different companies in Strasbourg (France), he’s a member and co-founder of La Carpe Haute.

His idea of improv is to share and learn as much as you can, that’s why he has been travelling around 17 countries in Europe and beyond, playing, learning and teaching. Back home, he gives courses on a regular basis, and specific workshops on the topics he loves. His style and the one of La Carpe Haute could be described as explosive, sincere, physical and silly.

He loves miming, clowning and playing with the body, that’s what he wants to bring in his performances and workshops.”

Take a workshop with Cédric!


Dan Seyfried

When Dan started theater at 9, he knew right away that he wanted to do it all his life. It
became even more obvious when he discovered improv in Strasbourg in 2007. That
year he joined the Lolita, an improv match group.

In 2011, he became professional. He had the chance that year to participate in the
marathon of improv (7 days of impro 24/24). In 2012, with his best friends, they
created La Carpe Haute. Together, they do everything: shows, training, corporate

In 2014, he participated for the first time in an international improv festival in
Denmark. Since then, he went to New York, Amsterdam, Berlin, Bydgoszcz, London,
Oslo, Barcelona, etc. It is in these festivals that he rediscovered all the possibilities
offered by the improvisation, the totally silent show, free form, costumed shows or

What he loves especially in improv is the connection between the partners, the
sincerity and the playfulness. That’s what makes him vibrate, what takes him! He
remains an improv nerd, all styles and all types of show can make him happy. And
that’s what he loves the most, it’s that the journey is neverending!

Dan does workshops and you will want to take them!


 Inspinazie Tout Court

And finally, our hosts, based in Leuven, Belgium: Inspinazie!

Eva Van Eynde

Currently working at the circus school Circolito and teaching, performing and organizing for her improv family Inspinazie, Eva gets to combine her big loves: working with groups, teaching and using art to tell stories. As a teacher she is all about play, warmth and finding the edges of your own work. She believes in personal growth through group work and visa versa. On stage she looks for the balance between word and physical play. And she has a really hard time hiding her joyfulness and her horribly lame sense of humor. (Why would she?)

Learn from Eva and take one of her workshops!


Frank De Block

Frank De Block is combining playing improvisational theatre with running a cultural centre and being dad. Being a television director by education, he still tries to squize in some audiovisual and theatre directing work and creating formats. He’s easy to please by letting him ‘broddelen’ on some music instruments, letting him do non-verbal stuff on stage and letting him talk about the art and history of raclette-cheese (it’s truely more interesting than you can imagine).


Nathalie Van Renterghem

Nathalie Van Renterghem has been playing, creating and training improvisational theatre at Inspinazie for 25 years.

Next to improvisation she also works as conflict mediator and team facilitator. She loves family life, hiking and surfing.

Here are the workshops by Nathalie


Marc Breban

Marc has been breathing impro for more than 25 years. He is one of the founders of Inspinazie who, in the meantime & among other things, have specialized in thematic improvisation theater.

He has often worked with Keith Johnstone and many other international impro players. He also likes to be inspired by other theater forms.

And he will be teaching workshops!


Charlotte De Metsenaere

At the early age of 14, she was thrown into the impro field and it changed her life. 8 years later, she started running that same impro school, turned her passion into her job, and started working as a freelance teacher, actress and director. In 2014, she founded Zeggedis (Flemish for “Tell me!”) to teach applied impro.

In Belgium she is most known for teaching and directing, in the school in Leuven and outside. She coaches several different groups. Also, she brings her Masters degree in Communications into the art, by offering workshops about feedback. Performing still thrills her. Belgians bump into her performing with Prism, Swaajp and Inspinazie.
Internationally you can find her in Prism, Ohana or the Werewolves international cast.

Charlotte has taught workshops in Slovenia (IGLU), Barcelona (Big If 5, 2018), Jo! (Torun, 2019), Bengaluru Improv Festival (2019), and directed her True Story format in Spain, Poland and Greece (Mt Olymprov 2019). Travelling abroad is a passion of hers. It means she gets to work with lots of people in different fields.

She enjoys influences from the Meisner acting method, Nicki Flacks, Keith Johnstone, Loose Moose Theater…

Also… she likes chocolate. She needs stuff to be in the right place (her friends call her Monica), and she loves people who see the beauty in everyday life.

Charlotte has a great series of workshops lined up for you!