‘According to my doctrine’, it is forbidden (under the threat of insanity) to foresee anything. What I will do in any domain is just as impossible to predict as the apparition of a true poetic image. – RenĂ© Magritte

In times of fear and confusion, a society seeks guidance in reason and predictable logical structures.

Just like a century ago.

Welcome Magritte and the surrealists.

Welcome artists who give life an overwhelmingly poetic meaning by exploring the dream, chance, the unconscious, the desire, the irrational, the mystery.

The fear and the confusion have returned.

Welcome to all improvisers who work on a new surrealistic ideal in 2018. With automatic spontaneity in its purest form, which shows the way of thinking, guided by fantasy, without controlled ratio and free from moral values.

Welcome to the surrealistic world of Improovelicious.