Meet the Crew

Eva: Artistic decision maker and co-hostess of the festival centre. Look for her in the festival van!

A simple word joke in your own language to spare? Look for Eva!

Marc: Artistic decision maker and financial mastermind of the festival. Look for him under the table!

Need cheering up with a crazy facial expression? Ask for Marc.

Tom: Our musician and all-rounder with a hands-on mentality. Look for him in the festival van!

Want to have a nerdy chat about improv? Find Tom!

Charlotte: CHO of the festival. Chief. Happiness. Officer. It’s a thing. Really. Google it. Look for her on the festival site.

Waiting for a big smile on your face? Look for Charlotte !

Bo: The most wanted person in impro world, the improvising technician. Lights, sounds, and yes, he will put you in the dark in the middle of a scene just for fun. Look for him behind the tech table!

An adoration for eyes as blue as the ocean? Drown into Bo’s !

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