Leuven, March 11, 2020

Dear Improv fan,

We have a painful message: we have decided to cancel Improovelicious 2020 because of the Corona virus outbreak in Europe. Strictly speaking, today, Belgian authorities are not forcing us to do so. But this is an international festival, with performers and participants from 3 continents, and we cannot predict what the situation will be like in 2 weeks. So we feel that by cancelling now we avoid an even greater disruption or last minute confusion.

Our festival depends on volunteers who have been working on this tirelessly for over a year, so this is a painful decision, with practical and financial consequences. The team will do its utmost to handle this cancellation as well as we can.

If you were registered for a workshop or had purchased tickets, you will be contacted by email regarding reimbursement. If in a couple of days you have not received such email, please get in touch via http://www.improovelicious.be/contact/

We do hope to see all of you again at some other occasion, in better circumstances.


The 10th International Improv Theatre Festival in Leuven, Belgium

Hosted by Inspinazie.

Proudly announcing this edition’s guests:

The Fraltons (FR)

Friends with Benefits (DE & Australia)

Rocky Amaretto (NL)

Inspinazie (BE)

Artistic Direction of the Mixed Format

Hila Di Castro (Israel) & Katy Schutte (UK)

Wat is dat hier toch met al dat Engels? Kan ik de informatie in’t Nederlands vinden? Ja dus!